The Experience

Do it for them… Better yet, do it for yourself!

Sessions Offered:

  • Provocative Individual (Female or Male) Session

  • Steamy Couples Sessions

  • “For His Eyes Only” / “For Her Eyes Only” Sessions

  • “Gift to the Groom” / “Gift to the Bride” Sessions

  • Bachelorette Party Photo Shoots

  • Sexy Portrait Parties

  • Hotel Suite Photo Shoots

  • Glamorous Model Head Shots

  • Complete Photo Shoot Make-Over (Hair and Make-Up Application Included)

  • Personalized Calendar Photo Shoots

Once a Session Date is agreed on, I will provide you with tips and information pertaining to your upcoming shoot in order to better prepare you for it.
Sessions can take place at your beautiful home, in your bedroom, a luxurious hotel suite, the beach, poolside or any other location you think would fit your desired look for the shoot.

Use your imagination! Whether you want a contemporary feel, Hollywood Glamour, or a more retro look, it can definitely be achieved.

Sessions may last between 1-2 hours, this allows for a more tranquil and comfortable approach.

*For these types of sessions, I only photograph people that are 18 and over.
*All Body Types are welcome! No Experience Needed!
*Group Discounts and Gift Certificates are available.
*Hair and Make-Up Application available upon request.


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