The Questions

What is a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

The word “Boudoir” literally translates to a lady’s bedroom or private sitting room. They are basically sexy photo shoots that give you an opportunity to wear different styles of lingerie (or whatever you want). Same thing goes when shooting the opposite sex. Men, you can wear whatever makes you feel sexy. Even if it’s just plain white sheets.

What is a Steamy Couple Photo Session?

This type of Session includes Lovers in an intimate scenario. I tastefully document the couple as they kiss, caress, and embrace each other. This type of shoot looks great with both subjects on or a near a bed. Photographs leave much to the imagination and are always tailored toward your comfort level.

Please remember that my style of photography will never reveal too much. I always try to keep the session fun, never intimidating or obscene.

What are “For His/Her Eyes Only” and “Gift to the Groom/Bride” Sessions?

Imagine the look on your significant other’s face when they open a beautifully designed box and find that its contents are even more precious than ever imaginable? I get a lot of brides asking me to help them conceive of the perfect gift for their fiancés. They normally surprise them with this gift album full of delectable photographs on their wedding night. This package is not just for brides any more, it’s for anyone who wishes to surprise their lover with a treat that’s out of this world.

The Personalized Calendar Photo Session is also a Sexy gift Idea for anyone. Twelve months with a different photograph per month for that special someone. Calendars can start with any month.

Albums also make awesome Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, and Anniversary gifts, but they do take some time to produce, so if you are interested in surprising someone with an album or a calendar, please call us with enough notice.

How do Bachelorette Party Photo Shoots and Sexy Portrait Parties work?

Call your Friends up for a day they will never forget, not to mention all the bonding and all the sexy clothes. Everybody gets their sexy moment in front of the camera. Whether it is a Bachelorette Party or a Portrait Party, you can do it with style. Plus, we offer great group rates. If you are interested in these sessions, please call us for more detailed information.

Do you work with models on their portfolios?

Yes, of course! We’ve worked with many models. If you are interested in Head Shots or anything else for your portfolio. Please contact us.

What if I’m not a size 0 or don’t have a perfect body? Do you edit the photographs?

No problem! My job as a photographer is to emphasize the good and minimize the less than perfect.

Yes, I can edit and retouch my photographs.

What do I wear?

It’s best to bring a wide variety of different outfits and lingerie. Depending on the package that you choose, you should bring 2-4 different types, including high Sexy shoes to match your outfits. Stockings with Garters look great. Be fun and creative. Bring your boyfriend’s work uniform and we’ll have you wear it in a sexy way. He’s a Business Man; bring one of his nicely pressed shirts for a sexy shot He’s an athlete; bring his sports uniform. Use your imagination!

Will my pictures be shown on your website or blog?

I am very discrete with my client’s photos. I take the privacy of my clients to extremes. I will not post any pictures from your shoot without your permission! I do ask all my clients to pick at least three to Five photographs from their shoot that I may showcase on my site or blog. Online proofs of photographs are password protected and each client has a private gallery.

Can I obtain or purchase any of my un-edited photographs from the shoot? Can I edit the photographs from my own session?

Sorry, but we don’t give or sell any un-edited photographs to anyone. It would be like giving or selling an unfinished work of art to someone. We just don’t believe in it.

It is our pleasure and desire to edit each of our photographs in order to give each one our Signature Style and Look.


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